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Ascoli  Piceno is one of the most beautiful towns and historical centers of Italy. Built in typical "travertino'' stone, is an architectural masterpiece where pre-roman, roman and middle age traces are melt in armonic unique style.

But it's not just this. Msto of its citizen live well away from the center of the town, in areas where most of the buildings have been built using social housing politics during the 40's the 50's an the 80's. This project covers the these places picturing their strong contrasts and open spaces.Sky is not a the background to rooftops lines but an open wide scenary to simple daily actions. The suburbs life show pictured is young and strong.


The world of bee-keepers is made out of land and air, likewise for every man that lives or works the country side. You'll find them in the woods or in the field, enclosed in their white coveralls like astronauts in the space, surrounded by a fertile but somehow ostile natural environment. This is a world that today more than ever recalls young people to follow a different working path. The beekeeper choise of life is aimed to sustainable lifestyle: the first step of this path is represented by taking consciousness of Nature. This happens by learning  what bees' ecology teaches to the ones living besides them. In every colony every individual's action is aimed to the wealth and wellness of the entire family.


Modern Singapore life is paced by the rythms of its efficient transportation system: the MRT.

The center of the former British Colony is the heart of the financial and commercial business but most of the workers live in the suburbs of the island. In the morning and in the evening a massive movement of people follows the paths of the MRT color map.

This project pictures the flow and backflow of this daily pilgrimage station by station on a single day of 2013.


Australia is one of the most fastly growing economies of the planet, its growth closely linked to the mining activities and oil industry. Northern territories are well affected by the modification of Natural environment that this phenomenon involves.

In this project I tried to picture the fascinating aspect of cratonic australia in an anusual way, by the use of Black and White film and aerial photos.


25 is the magic number of the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. It all started on the 25th February and since then the Mubarak era has come to an end. The contradictionary aspects of this peculiar 'arab' revolution are the main object of this photographic project that starts and returns to central Cairo square: Tahrir Square (i.e. Freedom Square)

Modern Bulgaria

Varna is the touristic capital of the modern post communist Bulgaria. It has been one of the most attractive seaside places on the Black Sea but after the fall of the Berlin Wall its importance seems to be vanished like the paint onf the Seaside Clubs, now abandoned.

Maritime Still Life

I've been working at sea on vessels for many years and this is a collection of Still Life photos picturing maritime use tools and objects. The fabric and aspect of any single item represents the life it has lived and this is particularly true when it comes to objects that have faced sea salt water, turning the metal and bright colors into rust.

India on the road

This is he story of a road trip throught the whole Gujarat state in India, where the crazy driving style mixes with the variety of transportation means. The result is a series of photo taken on the move from a car, that show the reactions of people met just for the fraction of a second.

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